The Acts of God

 We have enjoyed God’s grace and faithfulness in the midst of His people over the years. The Lord Jesus had demonstrated his miracle working powers in diverse ways. These can be summarised as follows:

  1. Many lives have been saved and redeemed from the kingdom of darkness.
  2. We have baptised many in water in obedience to Jesus commandment
  3. Many have been baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
  4.    The Holy Spirit had delivered many and many more had been healed of their diseases and infirmities during our Sunday services and during our visitation to the wards.
  5. God has answered the prayers of many in respect of jobs, cars, houses, promotions and diverse breakthroughs.
  6. Many brothers and sisters who came in single had met their spouses in the Chapel of Grace. Many had married and are blessed with wonderful children.
  7. The Lord had lifted many in their careers. Many who joined the Chapel as Student Nurses are now Matrons, and some who joined as Medical Students or Residents are now by God’s grace Consultants and even Professors.
  8. Some children born and named in this Chapel had graduated from universities, married, blessed with children and living responsible lives as adults.
  9. Many of our youths have equipped spiritually and had grown in faith and commitment to Christ. Many who had left us are doing well in various places.

Our evangelical outreaches outside Ile-Ife had yielded great results. At one occasion, the Baale of Yekemi brought his charms to the Chapel of Grace for burning just as it happened in the Apostolic days. We now have a satellite church at Yekemi and another one at Aba Oyinbo. For all these and many more blessings, we give all the glory to God