Some Milestones

2nd August 1987                              1st Meeting to consider request for land from OAUTHC

11th September 1987                   200 members of staff signed request for land                                                                                                temporary site was allocated in maintenance yard for                                                                               Chapel of Grace.

14th December 1987                        1st meeting of all Christian in IUTHC

14th January 1988                            Dn. Oyelami was appointed Chairman and Mrs. O. O. Uchegbu as ‘                                                                      Secretary

18th February 1988                          The Chapel of Grace was named.

9th April 1988                                  Foundation Stones of the old Chapel of Grace was laid.

12th October 1988                            Heavy rainfall with windstorm destroyed the temporary structured       


26th June 1989                                 Chapel Choir was inaugurated by Pastor S. A. Babatunde of CAC  

                                                       Oke-Opa, Ile-Ife.

5th November 1989                         1st Annual Harvest thanksgiving Service was held.

25th July 1992                                Chapel of Grace organizes first Joint Fellowship of all Christian Bodies in


24th January 1993                          First Leadership Structure (Steering Committee) was inaugurated.

14th – 16th April 1993                     Total Victory Crusade was held.

17th April 1993                                Foundation stones of present Chapel Auditorium was Laid.

12th March 1995                              1st Ordination service was held. Pastoral Board was Born.

13th April 1997                                 Present Auditorium was dedicated.

12th October 1997                           The Old Chapel of Grace was handed over free to OAUTHC.

12th November 2005                       Chapel of Grace conducted the 1st Wedding Ceremony having been

                                                     listed among registered Church by Fed. Govt. of Nigeria.

2nd October 2006                             Foundation Stone of the Children Church was laid.

September 2009                               Commissioning of the Children’s Church.

February 2010                                  Chapel of Grace Yekemi Assembly; Maiden


March 2013                                      Chapel of Grace Aba-Oyinbo Assembly;

                                                       Maiden Service.

July 2013                                        Guest House and Mothers’ Inn Foundation Laying Stone.