Our Modest Achievements

We give all the Glory to God for all that He has accomplished through us. Our modest achievements can be quantified in terms of how far our mission objectives have been accomplished, some are as follows;


1. Gospel to Patients and Patient’s Relatives: Over the years we have been able to preach the Gospel to thousands of patients and patient’s relations that come to the hospital. The Hospital Evangelism Team visits the wards weekly while many more members visit the wards on the first Sunday of every month. Through these efforts, many had been saved.

Many of the patient relations come to the church, which is always opened to pray for their sick ones or those going for surgical operations. God has been faithful in answering their prayers and many of them come back to give great testimonies.


2. Building and Equipping Young People (Students): Over the years, students in hundreds had identified with the Chapel. The lifes of many of them had been positively transformed for Christ. They are given ample opportunities to serve in the various department of the Chapel such as Choir, Drama, Bible teaching e.t.c. Through these activities, their spiritual lifes are build and many of them on graduation from their schools become mighty vessels of honour in various other places. We receive very encouraging reports from many of them. Many of them had married and grown up to be highly responsible men and women in the society. Some of them that were medical students 25 years ago are now professors to the glory of God.

One unique feature of the Chapel is the mobility of its members due to the location within a training institution. Students of the various schools and many of the Resident Doctors relocate in completion of their programmes. The consequence of this is that the membership keeps changing as final year brethren graduate and freshers come in. Thus, the number of people who have passed through the Chapel far out-number the current membership.


3. Hospital Workers: A reasonable numbers of hospital workers identify with the church as members. Through the ministry of the church their lives have been positively impacted. The chapel also organizes the OAUTHC Christian Community Prayer meeting. Some workers respond and participate in the prayers particularly members of Health Care Christian Fellowship with whom we share the same vision. Many times members of the management attend the prayers. We believe this prayers have had positive impact in the lifes of some patients, workers and the Hospital Management.


4. Christian Fellowships

The Chapel play host to a number of student Christian fellowships such as

  1. Medical and Dental Student Christian Fellowship
  2. Fellowship of Christian Nurses
  3. Fellowship of Christian Health Information Management Students
  4. Baptist Student Fellowship
  5. Christian Medical and Dental Association
  6. Health Christian Fellowship International

The Chapel also gives sponsorship to these groups for their programmes as may be necessary. The Chapel is a beehive of Christian activities and every day you will find one or more groups holding their fellowships. Through these fellowships, we believe that lives are being transformed and relationship are being built.


 5.  Mission to Ife-City and Environs

Many times over the years the Chapel had gone on evangelism into the city of Ile-Ife. Through these campaigns lives had been saved. We have organized a number of medical missions to various communities. The chapel is blessed with Doctors, Nurses, Medical Laboratory Scientists etc. All these people offer free services and are given free drugs. Our Consultants perform minor surgeries, while serious cases are referred to the hospital.

Places that had been visited are Olode, Yekemi, Omi-funfun, Aba Oyinbo, Aba-Oba e.t.c. Through these efforts lifes had been saved.


6. Association with other Christian Groups

The Chapel identifies with a number of Christian Association and Groups. Some of these are:

–          Christian Association of Nigeria, Ife Chapter

–          Bible Society of Nigeria, Ile-Ife

–          Gideon’s International

–          Health Care Christian Fellowship

–          Children Evangelism Ministry, Ile-Ife

–          Tabernacle of Praise

–          Shallom Productions

–          Ife City Prayer Project, Ile-Ife

In view of our central location some of these groups sometimes meet in the Chapel. We are happy that through these activities, the unity of the body of Christ in Ile-Ife is being promoted.


7.         Satellite Churches

As a result of our outreach to communities outside Ile-Ife, God has blessed our efforts in some of the communities such that as a result of the massive responds to the gospel we now have satellite churches in such communities. To God glory we now have two (2) satellite churches – one at Yekemi and the others at Aba-Oyinbo in that order. Ten of the converts from these satellite churches were baptized.


8.        Missionary Support

By the help of the Holy Spirit, the church now give partial supports to ten (10) missionaries. Seven (7) of them work in the northern part of the country while three work in nations outside Nigeria – Ghana, Mali, and The Gambia to be specific. We are trusting God to do more in the years ahead.


9.         Infrastructural Facilities

            (i) Building

The Lord has built us this main auditorium, a children auditorium and a 20-Room Guest House/Mothers Inn is under construction. The Guest House/Mothers’ Inn is to partner with the Management of the Institution in providing more accommodation for patients relatives and thus making the hospital more patient-friendly.

            (i) Transport

To aid the mobility of the church when there are functions to attend, and especially for evangelical outreaches, the Lord provided us two buses – a 30-seater coaster and a 6-seater space bus. We give God all the glory.


10.      Worship Services

By the help of the Holy Spirit, our Sunday Worship Services have been very refreshing. We aim at preaching the undiluted word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We love singing hymns and we teach new hymns. We have a dynamic choir always ministering life. The Pre-service Bible Study is aimed at teaching the solid word of God. Our possess your week prayer (6:30am Mondays), possess your month prayer (6:30am first day of each month) and our monthly victory night (last Friday of each month) had been times of encounter with God.


11.      Viril Units/Departments

The Chapel has a number of Units/Fellowships such as Men, Women, Youth, Teenagers, Heirs of Grace, Children etc. We rejoice that the Lord has keep these Units intact. Each of these Units provide excellent opportunities for fellowship and care.

The Chapel also has a number of activity groups through where people can serve God and bless other lives. These include Bible Study, House Fellowship, Choir, Ushering and Decorating, Welfare, Audio-Visual, Technical, Drama etc. We praise God that all these groups have been performing excellently and lives are being blessed.