Our Aspirations

Following this 25th anniversary celebration, we are believing God to catapult the church to the next level. We are trusting God for advancement in the following areas.

1.  Greater impact in our outreach to patients and patient relations.
It is our targets that every patient that comes to OAUTHC must have the gospel preach to him/her through the ministry of the Chapel of Grace. We also want to intensify our efforts in reaching the patient relations with the gospel of peace

2. Improvement in student ministry
We are also believing God for greater impact among the students of the various schools. We believe that by God’s grace we can improve in meeting their spiritual needs such that many more of them will identify and worship at the Chapel.

3. Numerical Growth
Our numerical strength now is under 300 children inclusive. This is because Chapel of Grace is a dynamic setting. As students graduate and resident doctors finish their programmes, they relocate and new ones come in. we are trusting God that many more fresher’s will be coming to join us than the number that will relocate. In this way, the numerical strength of the Chapel will increase. We are also believing God himself will attract to the Chapel many more hospital workers and non-hospital workers.

4. More satellite churches
It is our desire to reach many more communities with the gospel of Christ. We are targeting communities that are close to the existing satellite churches such as Garage Olode, Omifunfun, Eyenla and to the uttermost parts of the world.

5. Hospital within a hospital
At the Chapel of Grace, we have a cherished slogan i.e. “Chapel of Grace – “a hospital within a hospital”’

The meaning of this is that whereas we are located within a physical hospital which offers physical healing, the Chapel is a spiritual hospital offering spiritual healing. Even for physical ailment, some cases that medical science has no answer for sometimes find solution with Jesus the Great Physician at the Chapel of Grace: Indeed, our God is the almighty and all sufficient.

We are trusting God for greater anointing upon our operations such that it will be more obvious that the Chapel of Grace is indeed a hospital within a hospital.

At the inception of the Chapel of Grace, the Lord gave us a prophetic statement as found in Job 8:7 i.e. “Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase greatly”. We have found God faithful to His word and we believe there will be greater manifestations of this promise in the years ahead. God is faithful.